British Summer

I recently discovered this British summer drink. Sounds and smells nice. Got it last week, but got a chance to try it only yesterday. This ruby red drink passes the muster. I followed the instruction on the bottle and tried it with 7-UP. A generous helping of Pims topped with 7-up - tasted nice and soothing. This will be great as an afternoon drink. Slightly on the sweeter side. Alcohol percentage is only 20 percent, so a couple of glasses can be gulped down without fear. Only the burps caused by 7-up is a deterrent.
Add a slice of lemon for extra effort.


Vinu said…
When do I get to taste it? ;)
anu said…
even i wanna have this!!!!;)
Mellie said…
Also, add slice of apple, orange, a sprig of mint (sure there are a few other things to add - google Pimms)

now I want one!