Food and music

Marrying food and wine is a much debated and discussed topic and its an art. Now marrying food and music is not something many people talk about. Just play anything as long as food tastes good... But playing the right music at the right time need some skill. Recently there was an article about the kind of music you shld play while exercising... Now here is a blog that marries food with music.
The kitchen radio by two sisters from Canada is an amazing work. They have married food and the music to go with it. In their words the blog is "All of our kitchen exploits complete with thrilling pictures and organized by corresponding music."
Their blog is also very nice to looks at. I liked the the colours and the green they used. And also the logo. Good work. Keep it up.

There are some nice recipes you could try and yes with the corresponding music.
Enjoooyyyy this yummmy blog....
PS: All their recipes are gluten free and celiac friendly!