Make your dish - the Mangolian way

Mangolian BBQ in Al Sadd is our favourite joint nowadays.. Its fun … every time you end up making a different dish…
There are two counters... one for salad and soup.
 And another for meat and veggies. They will give you a tray with one big bowls and two small ones.
In the big bowl you take the meat or fish. The choices are chicken, marianted chicken, beef, fish, prawns and squids. Then you top it up with veggies - there is a wide array to pick from - onions, celery, spring onion, bambooshoot, mushroom, cabbage etc etc 
Then move to the sauce section. You can pick two different sauces in your two small bowls. There are some 8 sauces to choose from. I go for sweet chilli and chilli sauce. The lemon sauce looks interesting will try next time.
Now comes the condiments section - powders. Salt, peper, curry powder, garlic, ginger powder....  Dont freak out here --- go slow add a little you can correct the taste later at table...

And rest the chef will take care… yeah yeah not much to do now... stilll

  Chefs at work 
(they are working on seven different meals at the same time)
You can choose rice or noodles
 I prefer noodles (mixed with meat)
Add QR10 extra and you can take one bowl of salad
(only one visit, so load it up as much as you can - veggies)


Karen C said…
Hi, I ate at the Mongolian a few times, when I visited my daughter in Doha during Jan & Feb.2009.
That was one of my favourite places to eat. I like being able to choose my food and watch someone else besides myself cooking it.