just for the name ;-)

Slightly better photo

I loved the name and also the taste... and it didn't burn ;-) ... (sorry for the lousy photo will get a better one soon)

From winedoctor

"Cockburn's is one of the most recognised names in Port; the Special Reserve ruby is probably one of the most widely distributed Port brands available. In 1815, the year that Wellington defeated Bonaparte at Waterloo, the business was established by Robert Cockburn, who had visited Portugal when serving in Wellington's army. Like many of the old Port firms, however, although the company still bears his name there is no longer a Cockburn at the helm."

More details about the drink can be found here


Move Onnnnnnn!! said…
name sounds scary ;-) still u tried BRAVO!!! so is it vodka??
Qatar Foodie said…
hehe yeah the name is scary but tatses good ... its a port http://www.thewinedoctor.com/portugal/cockburns.shtml
Ileana D'cruz said…

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