Feasting on a banana leaf

A vegetarian feast with a difference…
And for people who are not used to it – it’s very very different… It’s a pure vegetarian meal… you eat from a banana leaf sitting on the floor… using your hand… and remember you cant eat the leaf…. ;-)

This is a traditional feast typically found in the southern states of India. The dishes differ from state to state. The one pictured here is a typical Kerala Sadya (feast).

The number of dishes varies according to time available and the mood of the chef... in this particular sadya there were around 17 dishes.

The amber coloured drink is boiled water with some ayurvedic ingredients... good for digestion...

A few of the dishes are not seen in the picture as once the meal started we forgot about the photos... will try to list the names of the dishes in the next post... till then cheers

This is one of the dishes not shown on the banana leaf...
curry made out of buttermilk.