Friday Breakfast

death by omelette

Breakfast at Ric's Country Kitchen: 
A good option to indulge in once in while. Leave your diet and calorie count outside the door. They have some scary stuffs like "Death by Omelette" - the name says it all. The breakfast combos are huge and interesting. Death by omelette was so, so. The salsa filling inside the omelette didn't jell well with the egg.
The texan breakfast was good and filling. Their pancakes are decent but I didn't like the biscuit much. Quick and efficient service, but not very friendly... the smile is missing but the promptness makes up for that. Breakfast for two with drinks or coffee will cost you QR90. The atmosphere is very casual and cool. They also serve steaks and burgers. More on that on a later post.
This is one place we keep visiting -  but not very regularly....