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ganna (sugar cane) juice in Doha

There is good news for all sugar cane juice fans in doha -- there is a new restaurant, The Garden Village restaurant, which serves tasty sugar cane juice - clean and untouched by hand... I tried it last week and it was GOOD. The restaurant looks okay and service is pretty good... I didnt like the artificial flowers...
Its opposite the nissan service centre next to Al ahli hospital . Their menu is impressive -- mostly Indian stuff. The good thing is that they have Goan and Mangalorian food. Will try it next time. Meanwhile, the juice is highly recommended.

The juice corner, The sugar cane is cleaned, cut and ready to be crushed in the special machine. Notice the plastic flowers in the corner ;-) they look so tacky. Luckly the place is pretty large, so that you can sit real far away from those flowers hehe.

The machine spits out the waste after crushing. It really swueezes out everything the cane has.  


Move Onnnnnnn!! said…
is it as good as the one you get near gate way of india (mumbai). they steel glas untouched by hand and awesome taste . it will keep the tummy for hours tooo ;-)
qatar foodie said…
its not that good... as the atmosphere adds specials taste to the gateway one... the wait, the glass, the crowd... but this is pretty good enough

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