diwali cocktail

The bar is set for Diwali… tried new cocktail “dirty lemonade”…. recipe courtesy google….
Made few changes to make it easier to make…. original asked rimming the glass with jaljeera powder, but it was a mess, so we added a little jaljeera straight into the glass….
The mix was simple ---- little jaljeera powder, a few mint leaves, little black salt and or rock salt, few seeds of chilly (this was the surprise element, as the chilly is not visible no one expects the sting till they take a sip) squeeze some lime, add generous amount of vodka and top with half soda half seven up (I preferred water, but most of the bevdas liked the sweet tinge of 7UP) finally give a good stir, ice cubes as needed and there you go
The drink was so so --- okay for a change on a diwali party but too many ingredients and jaljeera has very overpowering taste – so not everyone will like it…..
If you like panipuri and golgappa then you might enjoyyyy