Fetish Satine collection from Pierre Hermé Paris

Pastry chef Pierre Hermé, dubbed “The Picasso of Pastry” by Vogue magazine, is bringing his latest collection of limited edition delicacies, “Fetish Satine,” to Doha. The assortment of chocolates, cakes, macarons and desserts will be available at the Pierre Hermé Paris Boutique in Lagoona Mall till June 25.
Known for his exotic flavour fusions, in this collection Hermé combines the trio flavours of cream cheese, orange and passion fruit to produce the taste of spring. Embodied in an array of exquisite treats such as the Macaron Satine and the Bonbon Chocolat Satine, these delights offer a perfect balance of silky cream, zesty and fruity indulgence.
In addition to the mentioned desserts, other confections from “Fetish Satine” that will be available at the Lagoona boutique include the Confiture Satine, Nougat Satine, Cake Satine and the Calisson Satine.
The Pierre Hermé Paris boutique in Qatar offers a wide range of chocolates in 16 flavours. The boutique also features the Pierre Hermé number one specialty, macarons, in 12 different varieties.

Not my words, from their PR, but I ve tasted the macaron, they are too good, lovely. The flavour is very interesting and the texture is superb. If you dig macarons then this is place is a must visit.