Cow dung soap

Yes you read it right... this post is about soap made out of cow dung.
I know this is a food blog and cow dung is not a very edible ingredient (you never know - world is pretty strange when it comes to food habits). I need to take a break from food and post this online for the the benefit of all those who want to use organic stuff in life - be it vegetables or soap.

I know my home country is a pretty colourful with varied food habits, traditions, dance, music, customs - but I never thought we could buy soap made with cow dung there. I was proved wrong recently when my wife got me one from Mumbai.



And let me tell you the Bio Bliss Naughty Dhenu was GOOD. It smelt nice, felt nice and and finally I can say my skin is also organic ;-)

Back cover

Sorry for the poor quality, that's the maximum I could manage inside the bathroom with getting my phone wet...

There is another one made from cow urine also. Will use it after this one get over and will tell you which one is better urine or dung...

When I did some search I found out that they have pretty good website where all the products are listed and they even make beauty creams (YES from dung and urine) and paper from it...

Its actually very vegetarian and organic... so throw those soaps and creams made out of animal fat and chemicals... bring in the the dung home...

more information available on their website