A new way to dine

Souq Waqif Boutique has launched a new dining package on two traditional dhows, Lusail 2 and Lusail 3. The sea trips include three Sanbouk sailboat packages - a romantic dinner for two, private celebrations or a one- or two-hour private cruise with family and friends to experience the sunset views out at sea.
Dhow dining programme includes a sea trip, three open buffets for guests to choose from before departure and an Arabian lounging area to enjoy. The sunset cruise takes to the sea from the sailboat marina on the Doha Corniche and features oriental sweets, fresh fruits, palm dates and light snacks with Arabian coffee, as well as fresh juices and light and hot drinks throughout the trip.
(Source: Company PR)

This will be interesting I guess, but expensive too as its from a five-star hotel... There are other dhow options where you can hire a bigger dhow for a big group and ask some hotel to do the catering... might work out much cheaper per person but not so nice and luxurious... Someone recently mentioned that some Indian hotel is arranging the whole trip (dhow+food+nonalcoholic drinks) at a resonable cost.

But Souq Qaqif Hotel option will be great for a nice luxurious cruise with fine food and service.. Dont know the exact price, will update when I find out...