Qatari brunch is here ...

So here is a chance to taste some authentic Qatari dishes. Atleast that is what Sharq Village & Spa says they are offering at their Al Liwan Restaurant every Saturday.
Led by Qatari guest chef, Shaikha Ahmad M Al Meer and Executive Chef Hassan Abdallah, the hotel is offering a buffet with traditional local dishes.
The menu will includes specialties such as Harris, Chicken Madrouba (Madrouba is Rice cooked with milk, butter, and flavoured with cardamom), Chicken Tarid, Chicken Machgoul (Chicken peeled and marinated with turmeric, coriander, saffron and rosewater, then cooked with boiled rice and lentil.), Beef Badawi, Shrimps Jerish, Fish Mouhamar and Vegetable Salona.
Selection of desserts include Loukaimat (Sweet spherical confections made with flour and yeast, deep with honey), Kanfaroush (Confection made with flour, cardamom and saffron), Balalit, Sago Hisso (Sagos are Pearls made with starch, milk, sugar), Okailih, Mouhalabia, Assid with dates and Qabiss.
The brunch is available from 12:30pm to 4pm every Saturday. It is priced at QR250 per person and includes a welcome drink.


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