The food festival is back. Time to indulge

It’s the best time of the year for foodies in Qatar. The Qatar International Food Festival has kicked off with lots of activities.

The main among them is walk around the stalls and taste as much as you can. This is a great opportunity for all foodies to taste some great fare from the top hotels in Qatar at an affordable price.

They serve similar stuff they serve in the hotel at a fraction of the cost. The portion might be smaller but then you get to taste a variety of stuff.

There are screening of movies, which revolves around food, entertainment programmes for kids, cooking shows and much more to keep everyone entertained.

The Dinner at Sky is an interesting option but not recommended if you are scared of heights. But a must try for all adventure junkies. At QR500 it’s a little steep. This time I think it is handled by four seasons.

This times star attraction is Chef’s Table. This is a very interesting event, which will be enjoyable for all food connoisseurs as they get to interact with celebrity chefs from Qatar and outside.

The price range varies from QR280 to QR1,500.

The table with celebrity Indian chef Sanjeev Kapoor at Melia hotel will cost you 1500. I have been to the signature restaurant there of Sanjeev Kapoor. It was good but 1500 is a little steep. 

Even Chef Fawaz Al Omaim will charge the same for a table at Sharq Village and Spa.

Celebrity chef Chef Manal Al Alem will be charging QR1000 at Sheraton.

But all said and done if you could afford you should give it a try or else head to the hotel park and have fun with the masses.

Here is a detailed report in The Peninsula

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