Dosa Plaza with 100+ dosas opens in Qatar

Dosa Plaza, known for their 100 plus Dosa varieties, has opened a branch in Al Wakra. As I have not yet visited the place yet, this is not a recommendation just for information. They are growing very fast and going by the public opinion from their other outlets this one should also be good.
Dosa Plaza started in Mumbai, Indian in the 90s and has since grown into a very successful franchise with over 40 outlets around the world. They have branches in Dubai, Muscat, News Zealand, Australia, USA and now in Qatar.
If its anything like their Mumbai version then its definitely worth a visit. They are famous for their Chinese Dosas like American Chopsuey, Schezwan Dosa, Paneer chilly, Spring roll dosa etc.
They have around 104 different types of Dosas. Does this mean you need to go there at least 104 times?
Now many restaurants are opening up on the Wakra road – not the main Wakra road the parallel road near the Hamad hopistal.
You need to take a right at the pearl Roundabout if you are coming from Doha and then a left from the next roundabout and keep going straight and you will see many restaurants on both sides of the road dishing out various cuisines.
Since we are talking about Dosas, here is a street version from Chennai India.


Haddock said…
104 different types ????
That is something great.
Ileana D'cruz said…

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