Tandoori fish

When we asked for this tandoori fish we were expecting fish pieces like kebabs - and then came this monster… it was okay… i would prefer a grilled or fried fish anyday.

Price cant remember - i think it was around 20….

available at Shalimar on Airport Road

Egg cheese sandwich

I will start the posts with one of my favourite joints in town. Al Banuche:  this is where you get the best Egg-Cheese Sandwich in the city. Situated in the lane next to Jeep showroom (Qatar Airways main building), this is a small sandwich shop, which specializes in egg sandwiches. Don’t go by the look of the shop, they make yummy scrabbled egg too. Try their scrambled egg with toast.

The egg omlette, which is as fluffy as you can get, comes inside a Qubus with the right amount of cheese, a few slices of tomato and a pinch of parsely. If you want your food spicy, they will add chopped green chillies. It’s a mystery how they make such a simple dish into a work of art. I have been to their small kitchen, just enough space for three people and they don’t use any modern equipment – just a normal pan and few bowls.

The best way to eat there is to park your car outside and order. They bring the sandwich in a plate, cut into four. For takeaway they roll it and pack it, somehow I didn’t it when it’s rolled. AND eat it hot…..

Don’t forget to taste the masal chai (Masala Tea); you will have to wait a little for this so order in advance. Another of their specialty is avocado juice. I think they add a few drops of honey into it. As I am not much of a juice drinker I have tried it only once and it was good. I know a few who are die hard fans of Al Banuche’s avocado juice.

And to top it all a sandwich costs just QR2.5 or QR3. A meal with juice will be less the QR10. Will update the price the next time I go there.


This blog is an attempt share the crumps about the food world in Qatar and also anything interesting happening in the food world. I love food and drinks and loves to explore new eateries… send in anything u find interesting….

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