spicy, hot, oh la la la

This one is a must for all mallu (kerala) food lovers, that is if you like the real hot spicy type. 
Nila (direction) boasts of many traditional dishes, but their highlight is the Kallu Shap Meen Curry (Toddy Shop Fish Curry) and Duck Mappas. The Kallu Shap curries are not for the faint hearted, its spicy, spicy and spicy...  will light your tongue on fire and the next morning ur arse too. But with Kappa (tapioca) it was phenomenal. I didn't like the kappa much, seen much better ones in other places, but the meen curry took care of that problem. 

The story behind Kallu Shap curries is that the toddy shops in Kerala are famous for its spicy dishes, like beef fry, mussels masala etc. They make it spicy to suit the drinkers palate. 

Nila has other interesting stuff too, like the Wheat Parotta (atta parotta), rabbit, fish peera, puttu etc... 

So it calls for more visits and more blog posts. For now the Fish Curry and Duck Mappas were excellent, Kappa was ordinary. Chicken Thoran was good, Kallu Shap Chciken Curry was above average and Wheat Parotta was excellent. Make sure you have it hot, it looses its flavour and texture when it turns cold.

And don't miss out the Samovar Chai (the one made in the old chai shop style from a samovar).

Space is very very limited, maximum 15-18 people can sit and dine at one time.That too you have to climb some steep stairs. The setting is ordinary, not one of those weekend family outing type.
The rates are very reasonable, portion size is just enough. Since the rates are on the down side its complete value for money. But make sure to order enough. 
It's advisable to order take away if you are a big group, especially with kids.
Decor is decent - not too loud and pleasant to the eye. Service is warm, quick and friendly. 

They have an afternoon special served in plantain leaf... more on that later.

Overall highly recommended for the food, preferably take away.And yes keep lots and lots of water ready... or some chilled beer will be ideal...

Sushi with a twist

Recently Chopsticks restaurant at Wyndham Grand Regency introduced a new kind of Sushi - I am not sure if they can be called Sushi.... as they are made with chicken and beef .... no seafood involved at all. 
They will serve both traditional sushi and this new fusion sushi...
Even though some sushi fans were not very impressed, many people, averse to sea food and raw fish, were happy to find something they can dip their hands into.
So if you are in a group and some one has a seafood allergy no worries... order a mix of both...
Taste wise they are excellant, especially the one with duck - my favourite. With the wasabi and soy sauce it tastes amazingly good... I wouldn't mind trying it again...
Chopsticks have earned a name for itself among Chinese food fans... Long queues were seen outside their stall at the recently concluded food festival... prawn tempura was a big hit... I had tasted it in the restaurant some time back and they are worth the wait in the queue... We skipped their stall as no one in our group was in the mood for Chinese. 
Chopsticks is highly recommended for the food and excellent service. The staff is very pleasant and helpful/
The only drawback is that its a dry hotel... you will have to be happy with lemon mint or ginger something (forgot the name, which is good if you like the taste of ginger)
To launch the new menu they made a giant sushi, which they claimed to be the biggest in town... more than 20kgs big... and edible too...

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