one more pure veg restaurant

Doha gets one more pure vegetarian restaurant. Bombay. And yes it’s an Indian restaurant. It’s a small and neat place and serves all kinds of Indian chats and snacks. Not the proper dine out type restaurant more of a cafeteria type.The set meal in the afternoon is good. They have North Indian for QR15 and South Indian served in banana leaf for QR10. The samosas and alo vada (potato balls!) are good.

These guys are the same Bombay Sweets guys from the National area. When the shops there were demolished they shifted to Najma and removed the sweets from their name (Update: The name of the restaurant is Bombay Sweets & Restaurant. I missed the smaller details.) and made it pure veg. I didn’t try their pure veg Chinese Indian style. Not much of a fan of Indian Chinese dishes that too veg.They are situated at Kuwaiti building in Najma.

This is the North Indian Thali. One chapati, one roti plus what you see. Filling
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Halloween pumpkin at LuLu

Saw Halloween pumpkins imported from US at LuLu hypermarket. Till now retailers were recreating Indian festivals here. Good to see other festivals coming into the market. More cultural integration is good.

The biggie. It's around 30 odd per kilo I guess. Small ones r cheaper.

Figus brings Saridnian cuisine to Doha

I don't know how many of you have heard of chef Nino Figus. If not heard before now is a good time to get to know him as he has opened a new restaurant at the Grand Heritage Hotel. What? you don't know where the hotel is? Okay, no probs... they r new and little low key... its a very grand and good looking hotel near Aspire, rather just behind Aspire.
The first impression is very good, it looks nice and really different from others. The staff is also pleasant and friendly, at least on my first outing will go there again soon... so hang on for updates...

Now to come to the best part... food... they have something called Sardinian cuisine... Its an autonomous region of Italy, an island in the Mediterranean Sea. The cuisine is kind of similar to Mediterranean and Italian. A little from this and a pinch from that and some of their own....

 This one was really delicious. Its an egg -- reallly tiny egg - on a tart kind of thing. One mouthful. I would love to find out how they made that egg so small.

 These are fish balls. Yummy... made out of fish head. Okay its tastes better without that additional information. Not that it made me eat less. Rather the plate was empty in no time.

Chef Figus at work in his kicthen. The dish on the right is made of mussles and it was good. Didnt like the centre one much.
Since it was a more of a food tasting session, I will not be able to give a correct picture about the service and the ambiance. Had a peep in to the restaurant before it opened for service and it looked decent. So will visit again for a more detailed look and tasting. So watch out for updates soon. Meanwhile read more on Sardinian cuisine 

Home special

Yummy home made chicken varutharacha curry Kerala style
(Varutharacha means roasted and ground spices)

Spicy curry with brown kuboos/khubz - perfect dinner

Dosa Plaza with 100+ dosas opens in Qatar

Dosa Plaza, known for their 100 plus Dosa varieties, has opened a branch in Al Wakra. As I have not yet visited the place yet, this is n...