Study says… not me…

People who drink alcohol are less prone to the sometimes crippling disease called rheumatoid arthritis compared with non-drinkers, according to a Scandinavian study published.

People who had a moderate alcohol consumption were 40 and 45 percent less likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis compared with people who did not drink or drank only occasionally, it found.

Among those who had a high consumption, the risk was reduced by 50 and 55 percent respectively.

detailed report here

Turkish food festival

Doha Marriott is organising a Turkish Food Festival at Corniche Restaurant.
The festival will be on from October 18 till 31.
There will be a Turkish Buffet available from 18.30 to 23.30.
There will also be live entertainment of course Turkish.

Must be interesting, in case if I visit, will update more...

Butcher Shop & Grill

Menu and other details later…. Yummy South African joint… do try it out if you like red meat… a meal for two will cost upwards of QR250… a steak each plus appetizer and drinks

herbal way to drink whisky

I read this article long back and noted it down in one of my now defunct blogs…

Very healthy drink

Whisky getting popular in china…
“Visit any trendy bar or karaoke club in Beijing, and chances are you will see a group of 30-somethings, men and women, gathered around a bottle of Scotch.
The ever-more hectic nightlife of China’s big cities accounts for huge leaps in sales, according to Geoffrey Kau, a manager at Riche Monde (China) Ltd, which distributes the Johnnie Walker brand in the mainland.
“People mix it with green tea, and they can easily finish a bottle within an hour,” he said, sitting next to three cases of freshly-imported Black Label.”

That sounds cool I will try it soon and post you the result… Bought a pack of gree tea bags few months back for this… not yet managed to try it out…

vodka viagra!!!

I learned about this cocktail in Dubai. One of my close friends introduced me to this… Nothing out of ordinary…

A shot of Vodka

Red Bull

Slice of lime

There it goes the best energy drink ever…. ;-)

I dont know the name for it… maybe somethinh like vodka viagra or sprint on…

oh yes a black olive will add to the eye-appeal….


Dosa Plaza with 100+ dosas opens in Qatar

Dosa Plaza, known for their 100 plus Dosa varieties, has opened a branch in Al Wakra. As I have not yet visited the place yet, this is n...